5. The Azureus engine

     The Azureus engine was developed for the Java platform. It was first released in June 2003 at SourceForge.net, mostly to experiment with the Standard Widget Toolkit from Eclipse. It was used by the BitTorrent client Vuze, one of the most popular BitTorrent clients. The Azureus engine was released under the GNU General Public License, and remains as a free opne-source application. It offers the following major benefits:

     1. Platform-independent engine to support the development of BitTorrent applications. The engine can work with or without a graphic user interface (GUI). Popular BitTorrent client such as Vuze uses the Eclipse Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) as the graphic user interface to communicate with the Azureus engine. Without the requirement to use a GUI, the Azureus engine can work flawlessly with all essential features provided by a typical GUI in either headless or scripting environment with a much smaller footprint and less requirements of system hardware resources.

     2. Since the Azureus engine was developed as a Java application, all public functions of its Application Programming Interface (API) and utilities can be accessed directly by scripting in the Python language using Jython, a Python-compatible interpreter for Java application. A complete functional BitTorrent environment can be built quickly using standard interactive Python features together with robust Java run-time libraries and Python standard libraries.

     3. Besides the obvious advantages of not having to reinvent the wheel in terms of deployment a new BitTorrent application with all essential functions and tools already provided by the Azureus engine, the Java and Python platform provides vast and robust resources to develop and meet additional network, storage, and database requirements.